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Wolfies Farms
Major Australian sweetpotato producer

Our family business has been farming in Rossmoya, Central Queensland for over six decades and is now managed by the family’s third generation. We consistently produce great quality, sustainably farmed gold sweetpotatoes and supply these golden gems Australia wide. We aren’t the biggest farm, but we are one of the best.

Sustainability for a
healthy future

We grow food, business and people

We aim to be truly sustainable in all three of these areas, striking the optimum balance of production and environmental care. Our business depends on our people, how we choose to farm and the quality of our product. At Wolfies Farms, we focus on keeping the land healthy for the next generation.

Practicing what we preach

Yes, sustainability takes extra time, effort and investment. We believe it’s worth it, because the fourth and fifth generations to come can also expect to dig gold out of our ground. Our small piece of the earth may represent only a tiny fraction of the whole, but each action we take to promote awareness of healthy soil and sustainable agriculture practices contributes to increased global understanding and positive change.

Decreasing chemical use

Where possible we practice holistic farming that nurtures healthy soil, needing less chemicals than most commercially produced sweetpotatoes in Australia. Because our farm is isolated from other small crop farms, we’re fortunate to have less pest pressure than most other sweetpotato farms, allowing us to use less chemicals. A lot of farms still have the mentality of “spraying for insurance” which means spraying the crop regardless of whether there is any pest pressure present or not to ‘insure’ there remains no crop damage. Farming this way is the safest option however we believe in trying to minimise chemical use on our farm as it’s environmentally and morally the right thing to do.

At the end of the day, we are what we eat – we’re happier knowing that our product, while still not organic, contains less chemicals than most conventional farming. We hope our actions contribute to a healthier, more nutrient-dense vegetable on your table.

Focusing on quality and transparency

We believe in a strong focus on food safety and quality. We understand and teach that farming is not just a manufacturing industry with all take and no give. We appreciate that people like to put ‘a face to their food’ and know where their food comes from. There’s a global movement towards farmers’ markets and direct-to-consumer shopping models which are all about making these connections – and we’re all for it.

We are the first sweetpotato farm to become Enviroveg and Hort360 Reef certified, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainable agriculture.


At Wolfies Farms, we promote and practice a holistic understanding of food production as part of the complex web of life’s interdependencies.

The result? Nutrient-dense potatoes that consistently deliver old-fashioned goodness in every bite.

Holistic farming
at Wolfies Farms

Central Queensland’s temperate climate is ideally suited to growing sweetpotatoes all year round. While we’re blessed with the climate, the actual farming effort is intense!

Wolfies Farms potatoes are grown in rich red volcanic loam soil that has always had cover crops grown and incorporated in between each sweetpotato crop. We also let our cattle graze in our cover cropped paddocks, and in return they kindly add more organic fertiliser as they go! Of course, this is given sufficient time to be turned in to the soil and broken down before growing your sweetpotatoes.

Other modern techniques we incorporate include:

  • Paddock rotation (1 year cropped, >1 year rested with green cover crop)
  • Mindful tillage to minimise soil disturbance for increased microbial health
  • Trickle tape irrigation for uniformity and minimising evaporation
  • Integrated pest management – constant monitoring and early, minimal intervention
  • Nature habitats on farm perimeters to help house birds and beneficial insects
  • Variety selection and soil health that nearly eliminates nematicide use

The result? Delicious gold sweetpotatoes grown to above standard industry practice.

Wolfies Farms
Sweetpotato Facts

Wolfies Farms – the stats

  • 1960 – year we started farming in Rossmoya
  • 30km north of Rockhampton, 30km inland from the coast
  • 800mm annual average rainfall
  • 40+ years growing sweetpotatoes
  • 70 tonnes produced weekly on average
  • 3-4% of national supply comes from Wolfies Farms
  • 20 – 40 employees (some seasonal)
  • And growing…

The humble sweetpotato packs a nutritional punch. Did you know…

  • Just 150g of baked sweetpotato contains 100% RDI of vitamins A and C
  • Sweetpotato is a great source of vitamins A and B6, fibre, potassium, magnesium, folate and calcium
  • Great for everyone from 0-100 years of age
  • Best stored loose in a cool, dark, well-ventilated space
  • The natural sugars that make the potato ‘sweet’ are not detrimental to health
  • The amount of sugar is similar to the amounts found in corn, beetroot and other starchy vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes are a good lower-carb alternative to white potatoes

Check out the Australian Sweet Potatoes website for more detailed information about these facts and links to great recipes.

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Digging up gold, one sweetpotato at a time

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Our produce can currently be found at:
Pershouse Produce - Brisbane | S&F - Sydney | Super Sweet Produce - Melbourne | Mercer Mooney - Perth